terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

To my beloved best friend *

       It's so stupid how we only realize how much the people we hang out with every day mean to us, when we are about to lose them. I've met a lot of people throughout high school, but none of them ever compared to you. You've been there for me since the beggining, remember when I was that shy girl that was too embarassed to talk with anyone ?
 I know, it's hard to remember me as a calm and sweet little girl, but one day I happened to be that sort of person, not this silly freak you now call best friend xD
        You were there for me when I honestly had no one to turn to, you were my safe haven, the one I ever felt safe with, and you would hold my and and give me your shoulder to cry on , even when I least deserved it.
You were the one that would guide me into the right direction and most important would tell me when I was acting the wrong way.
They say that we'll meet a lot of people through life but only some of them will leave footprints on our heart, you left a huge one love.
        The thought of you going so far away makes me numb, how am I supposed to live without one of the most important persons in my life? Just promisse me that no matter how many miles may lay between us, we'll never change; we'll never stop being these stupid dirty little freaks that can make a joke out of nothing and that are always there to make the other one laugh. I love you so damn much.
These tears that are streaming down my face are just a proof of how important you are to me , and that I treasure this friendship of ours more than anything in the world.
      Thank you for being a "boyfriend", a brother, a guider and the best friend that someone could ever ask for. " We might be apart but I hope you'll always know, you'll be with me wherever I go".
I hope one day, to be able to repay all you've done for me, I will never forget you!
Don't you ever let go of me, please!

With love and caring, your best friend
A- the girl next door.

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