quinta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2013

The turning point.

Hey there .
It's been a long long time since the last time I came here, and thankfully my life suffered a huge change since then.
A few months ago I'd spend the days at home snuggled between the sheets trying to forget or  ignore everything that was outside the door. I had a sence of emptiness as if I had lost something but I couldn't really tell what it was.
Now, a couple of months later I can honestly tell that I'm a new, happy and "positive" woman. Coming to college did give my life a turn and a meaning.
    At first it was all really "shady", I was now living in a city where I didn't really had any contact or friendship with anyone - new school, new class mates, new system, new city, new house ... everything was so damn different from what I was used to deal with in my every day routine.
    I'd cry myself to sleep in the first couple of nights, I missed my parents, my house, my old school, and all the people I left behind - nothin' seemed to make any sence.
Then it started to change. I met my class mates and I thought - "they're pretty cool actually."- Everything started to come together and I realized that HERE is where I belong. As I previously said, the thing that hurted me the most was leaving my old life behind, and now as ironic as it might sound I never felt so good and happy about it.
Being able to start over and leaving all the ghosts and mistakes from tthe past behind is exactly was I needed to do. My life was finally "still" and I had control of it, I felt "THE CAPITAIN" for the first time. I had it all planed but  .... then he showed up.

Daisy Sullivan
A- The girl next door.