terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

Summer night thoughts...

Hello mate*
It's been a while since the last time I've been here.
    Tomorrow I'm finishing my exams and hopefully I'll finish high school and enjoy my vacations. 
      The idea of moving to another city to go to college is exciting and scary at the same time, all I can think about is - how many new people I'll meet up with, my new school and all the fun I'll have with everybody. But I must confess that being without mom and dad is actually scary, they've been my huge support throughout my whole life and  the thought of me moving away, even not too far away, it's not something that I'm happy about.
     I'm looking forward to go to college and meet someone, someone that eventually I'll  build up  a relationship with, someone that can be more than just my friend. That's something that has definitly been missing in my life, maybe because I made it that way, but I really want to find that one speacial person that I can call mine, and that won't get up and leave when things get rough. Being able to create that sort of bond with someone is something that I really miss and that I really want to get back.
Hopefully I'll have lots of fun this summer and everything will be just fine, no worries, no dramas - just me , my mates , sun , the beach and lots good moments.
    It's so weird to look back and think how fast it all went, it's seems like yesterday I moved to my current hometown and met all the people in school, and now 3 years have past and we're on our way to start a new chapter in life, where unfortunatly most of the people we spent all this time with will be left behind. It's sad but it is the course of life - it goes on.

 Cheers , 
A - the girl next door.

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